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Submitted on
June 10, 2006
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A skeletal creature, flesh
barely clinging to bone and
muscle eaten by hungry enzymes,
agents of a red king's raging
plague of madness, she makes
a filling meal despite how little
of her there is , filling and deadly,
broken he lies, stripped of dignity,
in the dead fire of his father's
camp, rotting and riddled by
the bullets of Eld and the White
Dark Tower Spoilers!
So, I wrote this shortly after finishing reading Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and it's basically a poem about the death of Mordred Deschain, the son of Mia/Susannah and The Crimson King/Roland. If you haven't read the series, Mordred has two mothers and two fathers, as well as two forms, one human, one a giant spider. Mordred dies after following Roland and Susannah across the snowy wastes to the house of Dandelo, where he eats a horse that was dying and becomes ill. Following Roland, Susannah, and their new companion the artist towards the Dark Tower, he gets sicker and sicker, and after Susannah leaves the party he finally seizes his chance to kill his White (or good, as opposed to Red, or bad) father when Roland appoints the artist as watch from severe need to sleep. Mordred is only stopped from killing his White father by Oy's (the billybumbler) sacrifice, and Mordred is shot after assuming his spider shape. His body comes to rest in the burnt out campfire. I took a liberty when I said the horse was sick of a plague caused by the Crimson King; I don't know what she was sick from, I'm not sure that it's mentioned in the book.
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hostile-cow Nov 6, 2008
I've never forgiving Stephen King for what he did to Oy. Ever.
XD Oh God. I know. D: He killed so many people in the books, it was a serious sobfest. I called my mom at work when I was reading it and she was like, "told you so." XD
A part of me will never forgive him for what he did to Jake. Especially since in the books, Stephen kind of did it. XD
hostile-cow Nov 7, 2008
I didn't care so much about the other characters, since they were human and all. But Oy...I mean, come on. A weasel/racoon/corgi mix? Too adorable to die.
I probably would have been more upset about Susan, but someone told me how she went, so it wasn't as bad...poor Roland, too. I love that man.
I loved just about every character that died XD So the last two books had me bawling and ranting. But Jake had a special place in my heart. And then, Stephen writing himself in as a character and pretty much being responsible for Jake dying? That was like, betrayal. XD And Oy dying was like a kick in the face, it's like, you killed enough people already, quit it. D8
hostile-cow Nov 7, 2008
I thought it was really weird in a cool (but yet annoying) way when Stephen King wrote himself in. I was like,
"Wait. What? Cool. Wait. I want to read this to be AWAY from reality, not for reality to be brought in it."
Then again, he said that there really was no separation between books and reality and so on, but still. I think for that little part, it took the magic away-just a little.
But again, still cool.
Nutcase9 Mar 29, 2007  Student General Artist
The horse was mutie, that's bad enough. And since the muties were caused by the world moving on, it was the Crimson's fault in the end.
Poor old Mordred, no one remembers him . . .
Yeah, everyone seems to forget the poor badguys. Thanks for commenting. :D
Nutcase9 Mar 31, 2007  Student General Artist
<3 your sig.
Indeed, nothing can withstand an SK book.
nice piece,keep it up.
ive read the series,and certainly it illustrates his short life span.
angry with the ending ye say?its more than adequate,regardless of the thrill quenching effect it had on many of his readers.
anyhow,i like it..
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